Why Trevor Hendy Had Such A Profound Impact On Me?

Trevor Hendy

I have been feeling compelled to write this article off the back of my recent conversation with Trevor Hendy on my podcast platform, The Mindset Project. Prior to the podcast I knew Trevor Hendy as a lot of you reading will know him; as a former Iron Man champion with flowing blonde locks and a knack for promoting breakfast cereals. I had heard Trevor was a great and down-to-earth guy from mutual friends, but even that type of heads up from people I respect wasn’t enough to prepare me for what was to come. My assumption was of a humble former sporting champion leveraging his past feats in the corporate and speaking world. I should have known better, as assumptions are infinitely dangerous and the pinnacle of naivety…


On the morning of the podcast interview with Trevor, I had driven over three hours to record an episode with another fantastic guest. The three hours of thinking, rehearsing and reflecting was worth every second on the road, however I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little mentally drained from the ongoing vice-like concentration. Just to digress quickly, there are many ‘interview-a-guest’ podcasts out there and I was conscious not to be another brick in the wall. How could The Mindset Project be different? Would anyone give up his or her time to listen? Any new project comes with a level of self-doubt, regardless of the preparatory work. It did take time to find that uniqueness, but I made a conscious decision that every episode regardless of the guest, I wasn’t going to bring any pre-arranged or loaded questions to the conversation. It had to be organic. It had to be real.

Coming back to Trevor Hendy and why he had such a profound impact on me. Well it’s hard to articulate the full power of the podcast in words within this article, and I encourage you to listen to our conversation on the link above/below, however before I share my internal thoughts, here is the impact the episode has had on others:

  • A young man and his wife are struggling to get pregnant, and he rang me to share how the Trevor Hendy episode changed his thinking from ‘what I don’t have?’ to ‘what am I grateful for that I do have?’ He has listened to the episode numerous times.
  • A father of two teenagers emailed me to let me know he is now coaching his son’s basketball team in an entirely different way off the back of the podcast episode. Instead of coaching each player for what they ‘could’ be in the eyes of talent scouts, he is now coaching them with the mentality of what they ‘currently are’.
  • Another powerful impact Trevor’s episode had was with an individual in his 50’s, who has been through a tough period in his life over the past 3-4 years (business failure, lost his house and separation from his wife of 25 years). He was adamant that he had to shout me a coffee and have a conversation face to face. After listening to the episode on a mountain bike ride on ANZAC Day morning, he passionately expressed how Trevor has changed his life. He has a more positive outlook, no longer feels guilty for being happy in his current relationship, and has reached out to assist people less fortunate than him.

I am aware of the powerful impact of the episode from those who have reached out to me, however I have no doubt that the ripple effect is far wider reaching than first thought. Trevor mentioned that some of his ‘sporting buddies’ have altered a few of their daily behaviours since listening in.

The episode one hundred percent reinforced that I was on the right path by not coming into the podcast with loaded questions. Had I done so, this episode (and others) would be a regurgitation of information found by a few clicks on Google. The impact would be minimal.

I’ll share below what I learnt from Trevor, but before I do I’ll share with you what he I didn’t learn from him. I didn’t learn about how difficult it is retiring from elite level sport or why you lose a part of your identity when you do. Trevor is adamant that our results don’t define us; they are merely ‘fun but insignificant things to play with’. No more and no less. The impact Trevor has had on me has been infinite; infinite in the fact that whenever I feel I’m ‘stuck’ or ‘off course’, I have the reference point of our podcast together. Trevor taught me never to assume you know a person until you know their story. He taught me that less is more. He taught me to swim more, sweat more and cry more. But most of all, Trevor taught me that we all have the answers inside of us to be happy, we just need to get out of our own way to do so.

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman might always have Paris, but I will always have Episode 15 of The Mindset Project with Trevor Hendy.