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The Kode Group did a session with Ryan during the week on Leadership and Innovation.
Really well received and everyone came away with some things to work on personally and within the business.

Highly recommend.

Leigh Colbert 

Director - KODE Entertainment

UFS Medical are passionate about professional development. This year we were looking for something more than simple PowerPoint presentations. As soon as we met with Ryan we knew his session would engaged our staff. Ryan educates and facilitates in a very down to earth and relatable way. Our staff were more engaged, focused and enthusiastic than previous training sessions we have held. We will definitely be getting Ryan back again!

Talei Deacon

Practice Manager - UFS Medical

Ryan's Programs & Presentations

Keynote Speaker - Ryan Waight

Keynote Speaker – Ryan Waight

Ryan Waight is one of the most refreshing, thought-provoking and engaging keynote speakers according to others. His fresh approach tackles themes such as resilience, leadership and mindset from an angle that complements the current fast paced world. Ryan’s ability to move the audience, both emotionally and physically well after he has left the stage is a hallmark of the impact of his speaking. Ryan has worked with clients that include big banks, law firms, health departments and private enterprise.

Leadership in the Modern Age flyer

Leadership in the Modern Age

The ‘Leadership in the Modern Age’ workshop is an engaging and thought provoking experience for leaders and employees alike. Due to the technology and information boom, effective leadership is now seen through a different lens. Ryan unpacks what behaviours are required for optimal leadership in today’s world

Resilience For Teens jpeg

Resilience For Teens

Sadness, anxiety, stress and depression have unfortunately become common themes amongst the youth of Australia in recent times. What is the answer to this worrying trend amongst teenagers? Resilience… Resilience is and always will be the greatest solution to stress, anxiety and self-doubt. This powerful presentation by Ryan Waight gives young people the tools and strategies needed to increase their resilience and tolerance levels...

Leadership & Culture

Leadership & Culture

With the newly adopted Points System & pending Salary Cap constraints; culture and internal growth of players has never been so critical to a club’s success and sustainability.



The Leadership Within Program explores the necessary individual leadership habits that are needed to produce results. It has an intrinsic approach to leadership, by crediting external outcomes to the consistent actions and behaviours of individuals. Ryan Waight - principal of Ryan Waight Performance and the author of Leadership Within – 20 Ways to Unlock the Leader in You facilitates the program...