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Welcome to The Mindset Project podcast with Ryan Waight, where I interview high achievers, industry experts and everyday heroes.

The Goal?

To establish the secrets and skills of their mindset, and what drives them to succeed... What strategies and habits have they consistently applied within their life to be the best possible version of themselves? It's all here on the TMP.


Episode 20 - Marcia Devlin

Women in Leadership & Balancing A Career With A Family       Learn More

Episode 19 - Steve Moneghetti interviews Ryan Waight

I Sit On The Other Side Of The Microphone Here       Learn More

Episode 18 - Dr. Peter Larkins

Becoming A Doctor, The Mindset Of A Surgeon & Meeting Muhammad Ali        Learn More

Episode 17 - Ange Connor

Starting A Business From Scratch And The Importance Of Recruiting Great People       Learn More

Episode 16 - Jason Russell

Born with Kallmann Syndrome, Bullied But Bounced Back In The Best Way Possible        Learn More

Episode 15 - Trevor Hendy

So Much More Than An Iron Man Champion. Compelling, Refreshing & Life Altering        Learn More

Episode 14 - Sue Stanley

World Champion, Savvy Business Woman and Forever Pursuing Excellence        Learn More

Episode 13 - Nick O'Brien

Born Leader But 4 Years At Essendon Tested That Resolve.        Learn More

Episode 12 - Dr. Jess Sewell

An Adolescent Psychologist Working On The Front Line Of Youth Mental Health.       Learn More

Episode 11 - Q & A Podcast

A Shorter Episode Answering Some Of The Listeners Questions.     Learn More

Episode 10 - Gary Bertwistle

Intelligent, Articulate & Knows How To Get The Best Out Of People     Learn More

Episode 9 - Isaac Smith

The Rise of a Young Man Who Refused to Give up on a Dream     Learn More

Episode 8 - Tony Kofkin

Life Balance, The Economy, Superannuation & What To Do With Your Money      Learn More

Episode 7 - John (alias)

A Story of Gambling Addiction, Hitting Rock Bottom & Redemption     Learn More

Episode 6 - Kasey Todd

The importance of slowing down, being mindful & improving lifestyle.      Learn More

Episode 5 - Tim Crowe

Nutritional Scientist. An Expert On What We Should And Shouldn't Eat!      Learn More

Episode 4 - Steve Moneghetti

Born to Run. How The Boy From Ballarat Took On The World.     Learn More

Episode 3 - Don Elgin

Born With One Leg, But With More Determination Than Two People.     Learn More

Episode 2 - Leigh Colbert

From AFL Player to Aviation Pilot. The Story Of Creating Humble Success.     Learn More

Episode 1 - Howard Clark

One Of The Most Remarkable And Resilient Humans I Have Ever Met.     Learn More

Upcoming Guests Include:

  • Holly Ransom (Global Innovator & Leader)
  • Dane Bergman (The Lifestyle Empire)
  • Glenn Archer (AFL Player & Businessman)
  • Layne Beachley (7-Time World Surfing Champion)

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