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Don Elgin:

Born with only one leg, but with an attitude better than most. Paralympian, Author & Motivation Speaker.

Don Elgin has one of the greatest attitudes on this planet. Born without the lower half of his left, he never used that as an excuse not to chase his dreams. Competing and winning medals for Australia at the highest level at the Paralympics, World Championships and Commonwealth Games, although a remarkable feat in itself, it only paints a small picture of who the real Don Elgin is. Hearing his attitude towards challenges, overcoming tough times and life itself, is something that is a must for anyone looking at improving themselves both personally and professionally, but also wanting to look at the World in a more positive light.

Don Elgin

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Top 3 Lessons Learnt From This Episode:

  1. Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?
  2. Keep challenging the status quo, and seek a second and third opinion.
  3. Someday you will die, so are you really living today?