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Leigh Colbert:

From the AFL Player to the Aviation Pilot. The story of creating humble success.

Leigh Colbert is one of the all round good guys of the world. Personally, I owe a lot to Leigh for the advice and wisdom he has showed me over the years. After a successful career as an AFL footballer, he has turned his attention to the air and to business. As a full time pilot with Tiger Airways and the co-owner along with his great mate Glenn Archer of the successful Entertainment business Kode, Leigh is ticking a lot of boxes in life. In this episode he delves into his childhood, the ups and downs of being a professional athlete, lessons he learnt from the best and how he eventually took to the skies. I'm positive you'll take some gems away from our conversation, regardless of your industry or interests.

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Top 3 Lessons Learnt From This Episode:

  1. Have a goal, work hard but be prepared to make some sacrifices to get there.
  2. Surround yourself with great and like minded people, and with the people you can learn valuable lessons from.
  3. Be prepared to seek advice and step outside your comfort zone to meet new people. Learn new things away from your perceived strengths.