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Howard Clark:

One of the most remarkable and resilient humans I have ever met.

Howard Clark has one of the most remarkable stories of anyone I have ever met. After moving to Melbourne from a small country town to follow his sporting dream, his life was flipped upside down when he was diagnosed with cancer of the spine at the age of 18. What followed was setback after setback and surgery after surgery. In this podcast interview you will hear his story of resilience, miracles and never ever losing hope. I'm sure you will learn a great deal from Howard's story...


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Top 3 Lessons Learnt From This Episode:

  1. Never lose hope, no matter how serious or harrowing the situation is.
  2. Avoid asking yourself the question - 'Why me?' This question alone can is the most detrimental to your mindset and wellbeing.
  3. Find a purpose that is greater than yourself. Be careful not to become too self-indulgent in your own existence.