7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Everyday


Each day can come and go in a flash, but on an even scarier level each year seems to pass us by faster than the previous one. Throughout that period no doubt there have been some ups, downs, successes, failures and…

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Why Trevor Hendy Had Such A Profound Impact On Me?

Trevor Hendy

I have been feeling compelled to write this article off the back of my recent conversation with Trevor Hendy on my podcast platform, The Mindset Project. Prior to the podcast I knew Trevor Hendy as a lot of you reading…

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The Seven P’s of Leadership


The following article is straight up and down, but at times it’s important to revisit the fundamentals before exploring more adventurous terrain. There are some tried and tested leadership principles that are now void in the modern world, however the…

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Do Our Role Models Need A Re-Think?

Clothespin superhero in blue suit and red cape. Gray background. Confident clothespin. (retro style, soft focus).

‘We can’t solve the problems of today by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them!’ – Albert Einstein This may be my most challenging article to date, but I feel it’s imperative that we keep attacking growing problems from…

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How Too Many Options Are Impacting Mental Health


Are too many options harming our mental health and that of the next generation, both personally and in our professional lives? Never before have we had so many options at our disposals and so many different pathways, role models and…

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